GTA 6 Anticipation Builds As Latest Leak Reveals A Surprise Character

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Grand Theft Auto is absolutely not a series for children. While the earliest games had a cartoony style and relatively little objectionable content besides the nominative car theft, the games became surprisingly realistic, starting with the fully-3D GTA III on the PlayStation 2. Successive titles over the following years have only added to the amount of terrible activities that the criminal protagonists get up to. Regardless, it seems now there's rumor of a potential child character in the forthcoming GTA 6.

Rockstar Games has said literally nothing about the next GTA title aside from that it is under development. Everything we think we know about the game has come from leaks, and almost all of the available information actually originates from the massive leak last September. Given when the leak happened and the fact that it happened at all, a lot of that information is likely to change before the game actually ships.

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In a post wrapping up all of the leaks and rumors surrounding the game, fan site Rockstar Universe just included what is purpotedly a little leak of its own. The information from last year revealed that GTA 6 will almost assuredly feature at least two playable protagonists, and that those characters will probably be a Hispanic woman named Lucia and a Caucasian man possibly named Jason.

While wrapping up that information, Rockstar Universe says that "an internal source" has leaked that, for the first time in GTA history, a minor will be present in the game. The character—who isn't given a name by Rockstar Universe—is supposedly Lucia's child, and apparently the youngun will play a major role in the storyline, which has interesting implications for said story.

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Actually, it would be a shocking bit of envelope-pushing if Rockstar were to have players play as a minor perpetrating a plethora of criminal activities, but that's probably not going to be the case. Rockstar Universe says that its source actually thinks the kid will only appear in cutscenes, and draws comparisons to Jack Marston in Red Dead Redemption 2 where John's son was just a toddler for most of the game.

Very few games have allowed players to assume the role of a minor, and an even smaller proportion of those allow the underaged characters to engage in violent or criminal acts. One notable example was live service title Warframe, but perhaps fearing pushback, that game retconned its underage protagonists to be late teens instead. Grand Theft Auto as a series is no stranger to controversy, and if any game series were going to attempt something like this, we could see it being GTA. Perhaps GTA 6 will include an epilogue where you play Lucia's kid.

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Rockstar Universe doesn't name its source for obvious reasons, so we'll just have to wait and see whether the site's supposed leak is accurate. We may not have long to wait. Rockstar Games president Sam Houser announced on the company's official Xwitter that the first GTA 6 trailer will drop in "early December."

Some folks think that because the company was originally founded on December 1st, that'll be the day. We're not so optimistic, but either way, it means we don't have more than a month or so to wait before we know the first official details about GTA 6.

Unofficial (but gorgeous) GTA VI logo in top image created by Loopinnu on DeviantArt.