G.Skill Flaunts 32GB DDR5 Memory Running At 10.6GHz On Air, OC'd CAMM2 RAM And More

hero ripjaws camm2

Computex 2024 was full of big announcements, like new desktop chips from AMD, new laptop chips from Intel, new handhelds from nearly everyone, and all kinds of cool hardware. It might not be as exciting as new CPUs, but it'd be a shame to overlook G.SKILL's booth at the Taiwan trade show, because the memorable memory maker was showing off some serious stuff.

gskill camm2

The top image and the above image are both of the same thing: DDR5 memory in the new CAMM2 form factor installed in a desktop system and overclocked to high heaven. G.SKILL had to apply a cooling fan to the RAM to keep it stable, but in so doing managed to hit a speed of 7800 MT/s with a 38-cycle CAS latency, giving a first word latency of 9.74ns. Good stuff, and bodes well for CAMM2 if early modules can hit these speeds.


Using more familiar DDR5 DIMMs in a Core i9-14900K machine, G.SKILL put up a blistering speed of 9000 MT/s with the same 38 cycles CAS latency. That gives an absurdly low first word latency of 8.4 nanoseconds, to say nothing of the 144 GB/second bandwidth afforded by such speed. Notably, this was also achieved using a pair of 24-gigabyte non-power-of-two memory modules.


That wasn't the fastest speed that G.SKILL achieved at Computex, though. Using an AMD Ryzen 5 8500G CPU, the company hit a scorching 10,600 MT/s transfer rate using a pair of 16GB DDR5 DIMMs. While the CAS latency of 56 cycles means the first-word latency is over 10ns, the insane transfer rate gives a peak bandwidth of 169.6 GB per second, which is getting into low-end discrete GPU territory!


Finally, an AMD Threadripper system hitting stellar memory speeds. Here we have a Threadripper 7960X machine with 96GB of DDR5 RDIMMs installed hitting a transfer rate of 8000 MT/s with CAS latency of just 38 cycles, giving a first-word latency of 9.5ns—an incredible result considering that these machines require registered memory. Thanks to the quad-channel memory, this machine hits 256 GB/second of bandwidth.

gskill cases

Memory wasn't the only thing G.SKILL was showing off at its Computex booth. The company was also demoing a new case concept called "Project Alpha" with some fascinating features. It supports ATX motherboards arranged right-side-up or upside-down, it supports "BTF" motherboards with the connectors on the back (like the Maingear Zero we reviewed), and it supports triple 360mm radiators.

There are more pictures of the new case as well as other overclocked memory results on G.SKILL's site if you're keen to see more of what the memory maker got up to.