Google's Next-Gen Pixelbook Family Outed In Multiple Leaks

Google is set to launch its Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL Android 9 Pie smartphones on October 9th, but that isn't the only hardware that is set to take the stage in New York City. In addition, Google is expected to announce second-generation Pixel Buds headphones along with new Pixelbook devices.

It's the latter product line that gets our attention today. Multiple leaks seem to verify that are least two distinct models of the Pixelbook are incoming. The first device was leaked in a video that was spotted in a Chromium Bug Tracker by Brandon Lall. The video shows what appears to be a tablet Pixelbook with a detachable keyboard. What’s interesting is that the keys on the keyboard are actually round, which is quite a departure from the square keys that we've grown used to.

According to Chrome Unboxed, this Pixelbook was developed under the codename "Nocturne" and is being aimed directly at Microsoft’s Surface Pro convertible. It should be noted that the video has since been removed from the Chromium Bug Tracker, which means that perhaps someone got a little too close for comfort with regards to something that Google wants to hold close the vest. 


The second leak pertains to the follow-up to last year's Pixelbook. Someone spotted a Chromebook ad that appears to show a future Pixelbook device, but it features dramatically smaller bezels (which is becoming the trends these days for notebooks, tablets and smartphones).  

According to the person that first spotted the ad, clicking on it took him them to the Google Store page for the Pixelbook. Is this truly a next-generation Pixelbook, or just a quick and dirty Photoshop by Google of the current Pixelbook? If it's the former, then this is likely the device that Google has been developing under the codename "Atlas".

Could one or both of these devices been shown off early next month? We'll just have to wait and see...