Google Pixel Slate Chrome OS Tablet Images Leak, Detachable Keyboard Confirmed

google pixel slate banner
We've got another whopper of a leak that hit the airwaves today. This time around, it's the Google Pixel Slate, which isn't supposed to make its official debut until week. It joins the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XLthird-generation Chromecast, and Google Home Hub as the latest leak out of Mountain View.

This time around, MySmartPrice has obtained what appears to be official press renders of the Pixel Slate, which was developed under the codename Nocturne. According to the publication, the device -- as we have reported previously -- will have a fingerprint sensor along its top edge (when oriented in landscape mode). The rather minimalistic design also features two USB-C ports and front-facing stereo speakers. We can also clearly make out a front-facing webcam above the display.

google pixel slate 1

The renders show that the Pixel Slate will be available with two accessories (although it's not clear if either one will be standard equipment). The first is an active stylus, which is said to be similar to the one available for the Pixelbook. The other accessory is a detachable keyboard that attaches to the bottom of the Pixel Slate with what appears to be pogo pins. In a break from more traditional keyboard design, there are circular keys instead of the usual square ones that we're used to. Below the space bar is a generously sized trackpad. Also on the keyboard is a dedicated key for invoking the Google Assistant.

google pixel slate 2

While these renders give us a good overall look at what to expect with the device is actually unveiled on October 9th, there are still a lot of unknowns at this point. For example, how big is the display, what's the screen resolution, and what's the aspect ratio?

Perhaps more importantly, what processor will be running the show -- will Google go with an ARM processor or fallback to one of Intel's offerings for maximum compatibility? Given that Google is reportedly working on Chrome OS/Windows 10 dual-boot functionality, we'd probably reckon that Google goes with the latter.