Google Pixel Slate Chrome OS Tablet Tipped For Windows 10 Dual-Boot

We've been hearing quite a bit about Google's Chrome OS tablet, codenamed Nocturne, in recent weeks. Most recently, the tablet allegedly appeared in renders provided by keyboard maker Brydge. Today, however, we're learning that the device could be among the first from Google to support long-rumored dual-boot compatibility with Windows 10.

According to some references in code found by 9to5Google, there are some clear indicators that Windows 10 support is inbound for Nocturne, which will reportedly be marketed under the name Google Pixel Slate. One of the quotes discovered in the code reads, “Windows 10 will BSOD early during boot […] with the way things are currently laid out.” There is even an earlier reference that says, “I’ve got an OS that can’t boot with the way things are currently laid out.” 

google nocturne 1

In other words, it looks as though Google is putting together the pieces to make dual-boot happen on its upcoming Pixel Slate hardware. We already know that such support is reportedly baked into the next version of the Pixelbook

Now before you start jumping for joy at the prospect of having both Chrome OS and Windows 10 to play around with in a single hardware device, 9to5Google cautions that this support is not guaranteed for the Pixel Slate, and that there is definitely no indication that this support will be announced next week at an October 9th event when Google's new hardware devices are expected to be announced.

With that being said, it's nice to see that Google could potentially give users the option to make the already versatile Pixel mobile family even more productive for users.