Google 'Nocturne' Chrome OS Tablet Allegedly Leaked By Brydge

google nocturne 1
Earlier this month, there were a number of leaks surrounding upcoming Chrome OS hardware devices that will be unveiled on October 9th by Google. One of those devices was a Chrome OS tablet which goes by the codename Nocturne.

Today, more images of the tablet were uncovered, which were provided by Bluetooth keyboard maker Brydge. The images were first spotted the Brydge Shopify site, but have since been taken down (perhaps Google was unhappy with the leak and called for their removal).

google nocturne 2

The images clearly show a Chrome OS based tablet, and the keyboard appears to attach using clamps on either side of the tablet's base. One rather curious aspect of the leaked images is the appearance of a fingerprint sensor mounted on the top of the tablet (similar to the side-mounted sensors we've seen on devices like the Moto Z3 and Moto Z3 Play). Google has demonstrated such a sensor -- in the exact same place -- when talking about fingerprint authentication for Chrome OS hardware.

According to previous reports, Nocturne will have a resolution of 2400x1600 and dual USB-C ports. While you won't find an integrated microSD reader on the tablet, it is said to feature NVMe SSDs for internal storage. According to 9to5Google, Nocturne will be offered with either Intel 7th generation Kaby Lake or 8th generation Amber Lake processors. Also on tap for Nocturne are both front- and rear-facing cameras using Sony IMX319 and IMX355 sensors respectively.

We shall see in the coming weeks if this render is a close approximation of what Google plans to launch to the public. 9to5Googlereports that the renders are likely based on Google CADs with a few more specific design details left out.