Alleged Google Home Hub With 7-Inch Touch Display And Google Assistant Leaks

google home hub
We’ve been hearing talks about a Google-branded, display-equipped smart home device powered by the Google Assistant for several months. The rumors really started heating up once companies like Lenovo released its own Smart Display Google Assistant-based device (read the HotHardware review here).

Now, we’re getting a look at what are allegedly the first images of Google’s upcoming product courtesy of MySmartPrice. The device is called the Google Home Hub and features a 7-inch touch screen. As far as appearances are concerned, it looks a Google Home Max with a display attached to the front. According to a leaked product page, the device will be available in Chalk White and Charcoal.

google home hub 2

If you’re familiar with the Lenovo Smart Display, things should look pretty familiar here with respect to the user interface. And given that it’s a Google Home device at heart, you’ll have direct access to Google’s growing smart home ecosystem and full access to the Google Assistant. The device will also tie in heavily with Google services including Play Music, Maps, and YouTube (among others).

A leaked product page also talks up tight Google Photos integration, with you being able to use your voice to display specific photos, or photos based on where they were taken.

google home hub 3

The device is said to support Bluetooth and 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi, and will incorporate an ambient light sensor. While we can see a pair of what appears to be microphones at the top of the display, but there is no mention of a webcam for the device, which is somewhat surprising.

If this leak is indeed accurate, this could be prove to be another viable competitor to the Amazon Echo Show, and it’s expected to make an appearance just in time for the holiday shopping season.