Pixel 7a May Get An Awesome Feature Previously Reserved For Google Flagship Phones

hero Google Pixel 7
Looks like the Google Pixel 7a might be getting a higher 90Hz display refresh rate, a first for a non-flagship Pixel phone. But what does that mean for the future of Google's budget phone lineup?


A leaked video on Slashleaks details a purported Google Pixel 7a showing off its looks, software, and just as importantly, a 90Hz refresh rate display. The poster demos what looks like a Vietnamese device setup that clearly shows a toggle to switch between 60Hz and 90Hz refresh rates for the display. Attempting to clear any doubt, the poster shows viewers that the phone is indeed what it's claimed to be by going to About Phone, where Device Name and Model are both listed as "Pixel 7a".

We have to say that for an early sample unit, the phone in the video looks production-ready, which leads us to think that Google might target a Spring 2023 release (May Google I/O, anyone?). Based on a roadmap leaked recently to Android Authority, the Pixel A-series might be a biennial thing rather than yearly alongside every Pro release. If that's the case, the 90Hz upgrade makes sense, and therefore maybe one day we'll see a Pixel 8a at 120Hz?

However, potential issues associated with a display upgrade like are price hikes and battery life. Many are expecting the Tensor G2-powered Pixel 7a to get a $50 increase, which will bring it dangerously closer to the upcoming Pixel 8's price point. Google obviously doesn't want sales to be taken away from its halo model, so it's possible that the 8a might not even happen. Either way, Google has some tough decisions to make, and its A-series have indeed been hot sellers and fan favorites for the company, thanks to competitive pricing, solid performance, and class-leading cameras. However, with the 7a sporting the improved display and reportedly a Sony IMX787 64MP telephoto sensor, the resulting price increase jeopardizes its value quotient versus the Pixel 8.

All said, it would be great if Google manages to keep the cost under $450, helping it stay competitive in this increasingly aggressive mid-budget category. Some folks honestly don't need a faster refresh rate display. Just give us a better fingerprint sensor and said telephoto camera, and call it a day.