This Gigabyte Z790 Motherboard Adds XMP Support For Blistering DDR5-9300 On Air

Gigabyte AORUS memory modules
Gigabyte is rolling out the red carpet for ultra high-speed DDR5 memory kits by infusing select Z790 motherboards with supercharged XMP profiles. Sitting at the top, Gigabyte's not-yet-released (to the public) Z790 Aorus Tachyon "pushes the envelope of memory performance to XMP DDR5-8333 and DDR5-9300 O.C. with air cooling," the company states.

Intel XMP, or Extreme Memory Profile, is essentially a set of preconfigured settings for system memory. This takes the guesswork out of overclocking and/or tuning your memory kit for enhanced performance. Some users still choose to play around with data transfer rates, timings, voltages, and so forth, but flipping the XMP switch in the BIOS is the quick and easy way to run your RAM at performance settings.

What Gigabyte is trumpeting is support for screaming-fast DDR5 memory kits up to DDR5-8333, along with overclocked settings to DDR5-9300. In addition, Gigabyte says its Z790 Aorus Xtreme and Z790 Aorus Master motherboards support XMP settings for DDR5-8000.

Gigabyte screenshot showing its Z790 Aorus Tachyon motherboard running RAM at DDR5-9300.
Source: Gigabyte

"Enhanced by the new generation Shielded Memory Routing and low signal-loss PCB design, Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Tachyon, Z790 Aorus Xtreme, and Z790 Aorus Master can effectively reduce the internal and external signal loss or interference, which ensures blasting-fast DDR5 memory speed. In addition, the abundant BIOS setting of DDR5 Memory Upgrade and XMP 3.0 User Profile lead to the breakthrough performance of memories," Gigabyte states.

"Meanwhile, Gigabyte's exclusive High Bandwidth feature can further raise total bandwidth on XMP memories to provide superior memory performance without changing the memory clock," the company adds.

In a sense, Gigabyte is building parking garages to plop faster DDR5 memory kits when they arrive. We took at peek at Newegg and the fastest memory kits are a pair of 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5-7600 options, one each from G.Skill and Team Group. Both are out of stock, but have technically been released to retail.

We also found a single off-brand DDR5-7200 kit in stock (and several listings for out-of-stock kits), and a couple of DDR5-7000 kits that are up for preorder. In time we'll see faster kits enter the mainstream, including DDR5-10000. It's still early though, and DDR5 is just beginning to stretch its legs.

As it pertains to the Z790 Aorus Tachyon, we're still waiting to this SKU manifest outside of Gigabyte's press releases and social media accounts. There are not retail listings or even a product page on Gigabyte's website yet. However, it's already in the hands of professional overclockers, one of which used the board to set a benchmark world record with an Intel Core i9-13900K processor.