Gigabyte Shows Off Aorus PCIe 5 SSD Racing At 10GB/s And Boosting Game Load Times

Aorus Gen 5 10000 SSD hero
Gigabyte’s Aorus Gen 5 10000 SSD has hit retail at last, albeit for pre-order or back-order, depending upon where you prefer to purchase. To celebrate the device’s near-availability, Aorus Middle East has shared an unboxing, product examination, and testing video from a prominent Arabic TechTuber called Cambotar. Needless to say, this bulky heatsink equipped PCIe 5 SSD is seriously fast.

nanocarbon coating

In keeping with its name, the Aorus Gen 5 10000 SSD is rated for data transfers of 10,000MB/s (or 10GB/s).  In tests, it can break past that milestone. In Cambotar’s video, you will see that his sample managed to achieve up to 10,093MB/s in sequential reads, and up to 10,229MB/s in sequential write performance. This is better than the product specs, which quote max sequential read and write speeds of 10,000MB/s and 9,500MB/s, respectively. Putting these performance stats into some perspective, a high-end Gen 4 PCIe SSD will typically top out at around 7,000MB/s transfers.

crystal disk mark gen 4 vs gen 5 tests

Elsewhere in the video review, the YouTuber tests the new Aorus Gen 5 10000 SSD in real-world practical applications like computer game loading, and file copy operations in Windows Explorer. The drive shows some clear advantages against the Gen 4 SSD competition, but advantages are not quite as pronounced as in synthetics.

With these breakneck transfer speeds, there is more of a chance that your SSD will thermally throttle, especially under sustained load. Thus, Gigabyte offers quite a bulky thermal solution for the Aorus Gen 5 10000 SSD. In the video, you can see the M.2 Thermal Guard EXTREME being handled. This optional accessory is a twin section passive cooler with twin heat pipes – and it all features a nanocarbon coating for efficient heat dissipation. Hopefully, the chance of throttling should be minimal with this attached and none was observed by Cambotar, as far as we understood from the video. Some Gen 5 SSD makers are bundling active coolers to fight back against throttling.

orus Gen 5 10000 SSD throttling chart

If you are interested in the Aorus Gen 5 10000 SSD, it is worth looking closer at the M.2 Thermal Guard EXTREME as it has some compatibility issues with some motherboards. You can run this SSD bare, but we would at least use a motherboard-maker provided low-profile heatsink to help calm the 232-layer 3D TLC NAND and Phison E26 controller. If you can’t use the EXTREME passive solution, though, Gigabyte recommends liquid cooling for this SSD, such as this solution from Alphacool.

Gigabyte has 1tb and 2tb versions

From listings like this one at Amazon, it looks like Gigabyte Aorus may be the first well-known brand to offer a PCIe 5 SSD to US customers. Listed for about $340, for the 2TB capacity model, Gigabyte says there will also be a slightly reduced performance 1TB version.