Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 7000s Prem SSD Claims 7GB/s Sustained Performance Without Throttling

Aorus Gen4 7000s Prem SSD 2
Extremely fast SSDs are becoming more commonplace in the PC enthusiast realm. As such, we regularly see new SSDs announced that have sequential read/write speeds surpassing 6,500MB/sec and even 7,000MB/sec. However, the problem arises when these SSDs must throttle performance due to the immense heat generated when operating at these speeds. Gigabyte is looking to overcome these throttling limitations by slapping a huge heatsink on its latest storage offering: the Aorus Gen4 7000s Prem SSD.

As its name implies, the Aorus Gen4 7000s Prem offers sequential read speeds of up to 7,000MB/sec. Sequential read speeds vary depending on what capacity SSD you choose. 2TB SKUs are rated for up 6,850MB/sec, while the 1TB SKU is rated for 5,500MB/sec. The SSD uses a Phison E18 controller, DDR4 DRAM cache, and 3D TLC NAND to achieve this performance.

Aorus Gen4 7000s Prem SSD 1

What's crucial about this performance is that Gigabyte says that customers won't experience any throttling whatsoever during the day. According to Gigabyte's internal testing, the Aorus Gen4 7000s Prem can operate at 7,000MB/sec for over 8 hours without any degradation in performance.

Gigabyte can achieve this thanks to what it calls the M.2 Thermal Guard XTREME cooling system. The entire cooling system consists of an aluminum base plate, a high thermal conductivity pad on either side of the SSD, and the actual dual-heatpipe cooler, which a nanocarbon coating.

Aorus Gen4 7000s Prem SSD 3

The only problem with this setup is that that cooler setup is massive, and you'll need to make sure that you have physical clearance with both your motherboard and case to fit it.

Gigabyte rates the Aorus Gen4 7000s Prem SSD with a 1.6 million hours MTBF, while the warranty is good for five years (or 1400 terabytes written).

At this time, we don't have pricing for this new SSD family, but the standard Aorus Gen4 7000s (without the ostentatious heatsink) is priced at $199.99 and $379.99, respectively, for the 1TB and 2TB SKUs. Expect to pay a fat premium for the Aorus Gen4 7000s Prem SKUs.