Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Aero Shows Off A New Power Adapter In Photo Shoot

nvidia geforce rtx4070ti power hero
Some of the first images of an actual NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti graphics card have been shared online. Video card-centric tech site VideoCardz has today shared purported images of what appears to be a Gigabyte Aero GeForce RTX 4070 Ti. In addition to images of the white triple fan cooling shroud from the front and the back, we get to see some confirmatory details printed on the product carton, as well as catch a glimpse of the headlining new power adaptor cable.

Gigabyte’s Aero brand is used for products aimed at PC content creators, and are usually more than capable enough for some extracurricular gaming fun. This all white Aero GeForce RTX 4070 Ti offers pleasingly minimalist content creator targeted visual appeal—and Gigabyte now sees Aero as a sub-brand well-placed to succeed the Vision series. Physically, this is a triple fan design, and an image of the rear of the card shows that it uses a very short PCB (about half the total card length), so the third fan can push air straight through a tight array of cooling fins threaded with a handful of heatpipes.

nvidia geforce rtx4070ti aero desgn

We don’t get a picture of the top of the Aero card to mull over, but the source shares an image of the NVIDIA 2×8-pin to 1×16-pin (12VHPWR) adaptor, which will plug into the card to provide power. Twin 8-pins plus the 75W from the PCIe socket theoretically supply up to 375W to this GPU, which is plentiful considering its purported 285W TDP. If there is any overclocking potential to the RTX 4070 Ti GPU, this oversized (triple fan, 2.5-slots thick) Aero cooler is going to provide some headroom. Obviously, we can’t say whether overclocking efforts would be worthwhile in the case of the unreleased RTX 4070 Ti.

NVIDIA’s adoption of the 12VHPWR connector has been somewhat controversial, but with just twin 8-pins being funneled through, it will probably be much less prone to overheating-precipitated issues. However, please keep in mind that if you buy one of these cards, NVIDIA points to previous connector melting issues being largely due to user error, not simply current flow. Make sure you connect the 16-pin power adaptor carefully, and fully, and avoid severe bends, and you should be OK.

gigabyte aero geforce rtx4070ti box sticker

VideoCardz says that the Gigabyte Aero RTX 4070 Ti is currently in the hands of reviewers and is being sent along to retailers at the time of writing. The specs of the RTX 4070 Ti were previously confirmed to be identical to the unlaunched RTX 4080 12GB, and it will be officially released at CES 2023 in early January.