GIGABYTE Enters the PC Chassis Market with Exciting New Case Design

 GIGABYTE Enters the PC Chassis Market with Exciting New Case Design

Taipei, Taiwan June 16, 2005 - GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, VGA cards, PC coolers and other computing hardware solutions, today announced the 3D AURORA chassis, the company's first stand alone chassis to compliment its extensive range of PC component offerings. With its elegant design, flexible cooling system support and easy component installation features, the 3D Aurora chassis presents an ideal solution for PC enthusiasts who enjoy upgrading and customizing their rigs.


Elegant, Robust and Ergonomic Design:  Behind its elegant design, the GIGABYTE 3D AURORA adopts a fully aluminum structure that has been designed from the ground up to be easily accessible with virtually tool-free component installation and removal. A key feature of the chassis is its ample drive space that includes up to five 5.25" drive bays and seven 3.25" drive bays (2 external and 5 internal) with special slide in slots. Complimenting its practical design, the 3D Aurora houses easily accessible USB 2.0, Firewire (IEEE1394), and audio ports on the side of the front panel, adding to the ergonomics of the case. A unique characteristic is the light beam that can be customized by the user to project the image of their choice – a 'must have' feature for case modders.

Multi-Functional Liquid Cooling System Support:  The 3D Galaxy's internal design not only leaves ample room for extensive component upgrades, but also flexible cooler support ranging from old style fan and heat pipe coolers to entire state-of-the-art liquid cooling systems. The chassis even provides radiator placement in the path of one of the 120mm case exhaust fans and 2 coolant-pipe holes situated next to the 7 expansion card slots at the rear of the case. The new GIGABYTE 3D Galaxy Liquid Cooling System is an ideal mate for the 3D Aurora chassis. More information about the 3D Galaxy can be found here:

System Security – Protecting What's Inside:  With so much space for expansion, the GIGABYTE 3D Aurora includes two locks that are located at the front and side panels on the assumption that users will be keeping a lot of valuable digital content and components within the chassis. Additionally, the body of the chassis is manufactured with 1.0mm thick aluminum sheet metal with a nickel-plated back panel to further reinforce the rigidity of the case.

Designed for Optimal Airflow:  Airflow through the 3D Aurora is governed by 3 large yet quiet 120mm case fans; one120cm fan located at the front panel sucks air into the case through front panel vents while two 120mm exhaust fans expel warm air from the back of the case.

Hassle-free Installation:  Tool-free installation of expansion devices and components was a major design goal for the 3D AURORA:

Pricing and Availability:  The GIGABYTE 3D Aurora is sampling now and will be available in early July, 2005. Please see your local GIGABYTE dealer for local pricing or visit the following website for additional information: