Gigabyte, AMD & SiS Develop Mini DTX Motherboard

GIGABYTE, AMD and SiS Collaborate on Mini DTX Home Server Platform

Home Server Mainboard to be Unveiled at WinHEC 2007 Los Angeles

GIGABYTE, a leading provider of high-performance, high-quality and advanced consumer products, has worked closely with AMD and SiS to jointly develop a motherboard for the emerging home server market. Demonstrating GIGABYTE’s strength in consumer design, the motherboard has been designed to address the low-cost, small form factor, platform-specific needs of home server products and is compliant with Microsoft’s Windows Home Server operating system. In addition, it is believed to be the first commercial motherboard compliant with AMD’s recently announced mini-DTX small form factor specification (170mm x 203mm). The motherboard will be unveiled at WinHEC 2007 in Los Angeles, and will be available from GIGABYTE starting in July 2007.

The AMD LIVE! Home Media Server is a consumer appliance designed to be a flexible, always-on solution for PC backup, media streaming, communications and home control applications. A home server can allow storage capacity to be expanded more easily and offer connectivity across a whole range of devices so everyone in the family can share media or data files across computers or audio-visual equipment throughout the home network. A home server based on this motherboard can be equipped with a remote access function to allow files stored on a home server or a home PC to be accessed easily when away from home. This platform also offers automatic data backup and computer health checkups so the status of all personal computers in the network can be centrally monitored. This helps consumers develop a digital lifestyle that is not only safer and smarter but also more organized...