Geekom Teases Intel Meteor Lake And AMD Hawk Point Mini PCs For A CES Unveil

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If you've read our review of Intel's Meteor Lake, then you'll be well aware that the company's new Core Ultra processors offer impressive integrated graphics performance that trades blows with the Radeon parts integrated into AMD's "Phoenix" APUs. Given that, it's no surprise that Geekom's next mini-PCs will offer your choice of Red or Blue hardware.

The smallest system that Geekom will be offering is the IT14 Pro—undoubtedly a successor to the IT13 that we reviewed—and it will apparently pack a Core Ultra 7 155H. That's a 16-core CPU with a 1024-shader GPU and 10-TOPS NPU, all being stuffed into a sub-1-liter chassis. Geekom hasn't announced detailed specifications for the system yet, but we imagine it'll be available in a bare-bones configuration as well as pre-configured with various amounts of RAM and storage.

In a slightly larger form factor (1 liter), there will also be the A8 Max mini-PC. This one will sport an AMD Ryzen 7 8840HS or Ryzen 9 8940HS APU. These parts come from AMD's "Hawk Point" family, which is mostly a refresh of the Phoenix family that powered both the Ryzen 7040 series as well as the Ryzen Z1 parts for mobile gaming handhelds. We say "mostly" because it does apparently have refinements to its NPU that offer a 40% increase in AI performance over Phoenix, but that's honestly of pretty limited utility for now.

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If integrated graphics isn't going to do it for you, Geekom's also going to be offering a yet-larger machine known as the APro8 Max. This system is once again based on Hawk Point, but also includes a Radeon RX 7600M XT graphics card. This is a GPU meant for laptops that offers the same hardware configuration and very similar performance in comparison to the desktop Radeon RX 7600. That means it should offer great 1080p gaming performance—as long as Geekom's cooling hardware is up to the task.

Mini-PCs like this might see a real explosion in popularity as integrated GPUs require fewer and fewer compromises from gamers. We'll know more about these three machines around CES, as that's when Geekom plans to formally debut the machines.
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