Geekom's Mini PC Powered By AMD Phoenix Breaks Cover With A Slick Metal Design

708px geekom mini pc
Geekom has unveiled a new highly compact Mini-PC sporting AMD’s latest high-performance Ryzen 7000 mobile CPUs. The system measures just 112.4mm in width and length, and 37mm in height, and comes with a 40GBps USB port and SD card reader, making it a highly capable mini-PC suitable for mainstream consumers and even content creators. The new system is expected to launch next month in China before being released to other parts of the world.

As previously mentioned, the system is incredibly small, with a width and height slightly larger than a human hand. The chassis is constructed out of metal featuring a metallic-like finish, with ventilation holes perforated all around the sides of the unit. Rear I/O consists of four different USB ports — one being a 40Gbps Type C port, another 10Gbps Type C port, one standard 10GBps USB Type-A port, as well as a standard USB 2 port, two HDMI ports, and a single 2.5G Ethernet port for wired internet connectivity. Additionally, the two Type-C ports come with DP-alt support, enabling the system to drive four displays in total without external USB dongles or GPU docks. In the front, there are two more USB 10Gbps Type-A ports, a single headphone/mic combo jack, and to the side, there is a full-size SD card reader.
708px geekom mini pc rear io 2

The mini-PC will come with two CPU options including the eight-core Ryzen 7 7840HS and the eight-core Ryzen 9 7940HS. Both chips are part of AMD’s high-performance Ryzen 7040-series product stack, sporting Zen 4 CPU cores, 16MB of L3 cache, RDNA3 integrated graphics, and AMD’s hardware-accelerated AI solution known as XDNA. The only difference between the two chips is clock speed, with the Ryzen 7 part featuring a base clock of 3.8GHz and a boost clock of 5.1GHz, the Ryzen 9 part comes with a 4GHz base clock and a slightly higher 5.2GHz boost frequency.

The two CPU options, paired with its extensive set of I/O, will make Geekom’s new mini-PC a highly attractive offering for content creators and productivity users that can take advantage of the system’s multiple video outputs, and SD card slot. Gamers can also take advantage of Geekom’s mini-PC with the addition of RDNA3 integrated graphics featured in its two AMD CPU options. Unfortunately, pricing has not been announced, but details on pricing should be available once the system is released next month.