Gaming Update: Quake 4 Patch & Steam Update

First off, a new Quake 4 patch as been released, updating the game to 1.2 and fixing the widescreen problem found in the 1.1 patch. The 1.1 patch was originally pulled due to "a problem with the widescreen functionality that may harm a user's monitor". If you've already downloaded the 1.1 patch, you can download the 1.1 to 1.2 patch with the monitor fix at 3D Gamers or FileFront. However, if you've yet to download the 1.1 patch, you can download a full 1.2 patch that contains the content found in the 1.1 patch, again from 3D Gamers or FileFront. Also in the news are some updates for Valve's Source Engine, Half-Life 2, and Counter-Strike: Source. Just restart Steam to receive the update.


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