Gamestop CEO Claims PlayStation VR Will Ship This Fall

Everyone and their uncle is on the verge for releasing a virtual reality (VR) product to retail. Case in point, Oculus is taking pre-orders for its Rift headset, the first batch of which will ship in late March, while pre-orders for HTC's Vive will kick off later this month. Then you have Google toying with a second generation VR viewer of some kind, and of course Sony is prepping its PlayStation VR platform, which now looks like it will debut this fall.

Sony hasn't exactly shied away from talking about its PlayStation VR headset—it's built specifically for the PlayStation 4 console, sports an industrial, visor-style design, and pairs a Full HD 1080p LCD display with a uniquely developed optical unit for a 100-degree field of view, to name some of the details Sony has disclosed up to this point. But one thing Sony hasn't mentioned is a launch date.

PlayStation VR

There have been plenty of rumors on the topic, though the best hint so far just came from GameStop CEO Paul Raines. He appeared on Fox Business News' Mornings with Maria to talk about taxes, but apparently could hold back his excitement for the upcoming crop of VR products, Sony's included.

"We are right now preparing for the launches of major VR products, so we're in discussions with Oculus, with HTV Vive, and with Sony... It's a big launch [for VR], we're getting ready for it—we will launch the Sony product this fall, and we are in discussions with the other two players," Raines said.

Oops! It's not likely Sony gave Raines the green light to talk about a launch window, but when the cameras are rolling and you're put on the spot, things like that tend to slip out. Granted, nothing is yet official, but if there's someone outside of Sony who's going to be plugged into the company's hardware plans, it would be the boss of GameStop.