Sony Takes Red Pill As Project Morpheus Becomes PlayStation VR

Ahead of this year's Tokyo Game Show, which begins on Thursday, Sony has revealed the final name for its "Project Morpheus" virtual reality platform. While "Morpheus" would have undoubtedly been very cool to stick with, the company has instead decided to go with a name anyone could have guessed: PlayStation VR.

The revealing of this name signifies the fact that Sony's progress on its VR platform is coming along very nicely; we've come a long way since it was first unveiled last year. Sony notes that many demos will be available on the show floor of the Tokyo Game Show, and there's sure to be a lot of coverage to come from that by those lucky enough to attend.

PlayStation VR

Sony's PlayStation VR has some intense competition, notably from HTC with Vive, and of course Oculus with the Rift. But those are not all - we're even seeing game makers get in on the action. Luckily for Sony, though, Epic announced back in June that support for Sony's VR platform was added to the Unreal Engine, so developers won't have to work too hard to support the offering.

This time next year is going to be very interesting to witness. VR is beginning to ramp up fast, and it seems like the market come spring is suddenly going to explode with content and kits. Let's hope so, at least - we've been waiting a while for this to happen.