Game Software Could Boost Airport Security

The words "game software" in a subject always catches our attention.  In this case researchers are trying to teach guards how to randomize their search routes, to better patrol airports.

Guards are usually told to patrol in a random fashion but, being human, they tend to form habits that patient criminals can exploit. To help make their rounds less predictable, Paruchuri and colleagues created software based on game theory that simulates various random paths that a guard could take around Los Angeles International airport (LAX), and also how criminals might react.

Potential rewards, such as catching more criminals, and costs, such as a terrorist explosion, are evaluated for each path. The software, being trialled at LAX, then suggests the best route.

Interesting.  Let's just hope they don't get too involved in the game and start playing it instead of patrolling (remember those "asleep at the switch" nuclear power plant guards recently?).