FPS Circle of Death Keyboard - Huh?

Some folks step into the ring ready for battle with a round-house kick and a 1-2 jab-cross.  Still others would rather enter the arena with a plasma cannon, link gun or sniper rifle.  It all depends on whether your prefer the real or virtual octagon.  Then again the octagon could be more of a circle of death too.  How uplifting.  Perhaps in the latter case you might bring something with you cut from a similar geometrical sphere of influence.  Enter the FPS "Circle of Death" keyboard...


FPS Circle of Death

"A circle of all the important FPS keys surrounds your left hand in a unique configuration. Arranging your fighting space, and centering your FPS energy. The keys are made to be silent, adding a little verisimilitude to any stealth gaming operation. In addition to the 40 specialized keys for FPS gaming, handy volume controls and 12 function keys ensure everything needed for maximum in-game efficiency is at your fingertips."

Egad... our heads hurt just looking at this thing, to say nothing of the carpel tunnel syndrome just twitching to come out of retirement after a few hours of gaming with it.  Though it's an interesting design, it definitely can't hold a candle to BigWops clicky-clacky IBM mainframe-style keyboard. If you're game, you can pick one of these discs of death up for a modest $30  - $40 with Counter Strike: Source.

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