Foxconn to Show Branded Graphics Cards

DigiTimes reports that Foxconn could be showing off their own branded graphics cards at Computex this year. With boards designed by Foxconn and manufactured by Flextronics, there should be no major barriers to entry into the GPU market for Foxconn. Flextronics has been a longtime manufacturing partner for NVIDIA and is responsible for producing a significant amount of graphics cards which are then re-branded as one of the more familiar graphics card vendor products. Given Foxconn's enormous size, it should be interesting to see how their products are differentiated. More than likely, cost or features will be the focus of attention in hopes of capturing consumer attention.

The sources noted that it has been two years since Nvidia and ATI Technologies first planned to partner with assembly contract makers to co-produce high-end graphics cards for specific customers. The customers could simply attach their individual brands to the finished items and potentially reduce inventory risks because multiple companies could share the same basic design, the sources indicated.