Foxconn mainboard reviews, GZ-MC200 Digital Camcorder, and more!

I just got around to reading the recent news about Abit that Jeff has posted... very interesting. On the lighter side of things, we have some motherboard reviews, a digital camcorder review, plus a few other reviews that might help you decide what to get for the holiday.

Foxconn 925A01-8EKRS2 and Foxconn 915A01-8EKRS2 Mainboards Review @ X-bit labs

"This review is our first introduction to Foxconn products. This company is a well-known mainboard and components contract manufacturer and this year they are entering the retail market. We took a really close look at two products from this manufacturer designed for Intel LGA775 platform."

JVC Everio GZ-MC200 Digital Camcorder Review @ I4U

"I decided to get the cube shaped JVC Everio GZ-MC200 and not the GZ-MC100 because of the way to hold it during video shooting. The JVC Everio records DVD Quality video in MPEG-2 with AC-3 audio. It has a maximum bit-rate of 8.88Mbps. Directly recording video onto a 4GB CF Micro Hard-drive is the big technological achievement of the Everio."

1A-Cooling SET-5Z280V1 Water Cooling Kit Review @ Madshrimps

"There is an interesting difference between this water block and all the other ones, which makes it quite special. At the bottom, there is a strip of regular copper in the middle, where the core makes contact and brass at the sides. This raises some interesting questions about the use of brass in water cooling because the thermal conductivity of this brass isn't nearly as good as copper."

Win An Athlon FX based computer @

"Since it's nearly 2005, we thought we'd round up some of 2004's best PC components with the help of some of our partners, have two of the UK's finest system integrators stick them all into 2004's best chassis, before tweaking the nuts off it and giving it away to one lucky reader from anywhere in the world on the first day of 2005."

Jetart Xcool NP3000 Portable Notebook Cooler @ Rojakpot

"Jetart Technology produces many interesting notebook coolers. Their portable cooler range are made up of the Xcool NP5000, NP4000 and NP3000. We have already reviewed the NP5000 and the NP4000. So, today, we will take an in-depth look at the Jetart Xcool NP3000 portable notebook cooler!"