Floppy Justice, Portable Storage Guide Q3 2005, and more!

Hurricane Katrina, the biggest of the storms to hit the U.S. this year, has arrived at New Orleans as of this morning. Most have left the city, but thousands remain, many of them piled into the Superdome which has already suffered damage. Before we bring you the news, we'd like to wish the best of luck to all of those in the city of New Orleans, and everyone who is in the path of the storm. Be safe folks!

Maxtor ULTRA 16 - 300GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive Review @ Madshrimps

"In the Server and Business markets redundancy is at the heart of storage matters. Most of us, however; rely on a single device for all our needs, placing all our proverbial eggs in one basket. Today we will entrust our Grade-A's in Maxtor's ULTRA 16 300GB SATA HDD, stay with us to see if we get egg on our face (or feet)."

Floppy Justice @ PC Mechanic

"Who would have thought that something so simple, so primitive (in comparison to current technologies), could end the streak of a person who has had local detectives, KBI (Kansas Bureau of Investigation), and FBI special agents on their toes for 30 years? A simple floppy disk brought to justice one of the most sinister criminals Kansas has ever known."

Kingmax Mars DDR2-667 @ Phoronix

"Up for review today, we have their Mars DDR2-667 512MB modules, but with a SPD CAS Latency of five can it keep up with such low-latency alternatives as Corsair's XMS2-5400UL? Well to be frank, hell yes it can! We managed to tighten these 5-5-5-15 modules all the way to 3-3-3-8, while being completely stable on air!"

Portable Storage Guide Q3 2005 @ hardCOREware

"This year, the trend seems to be to focus on having good software utilities to set one apart from the rest. In this case, some manufacturers definitely get it right, while others fail. We'll also take a look at performance, of course. We'll be looking at products from Seagate, Kingston, Corsair, and SwissBit."

High Hell: A 530J Overclocking Story Part One @ motherboards.org

"The 530J CPU from Intel has shown promise as a solid overclocking component. Join Tulatin on a journey into the heart of extreme overclocking and find out just how far a low-end processor can be pushed."