Flash Memory Hard Drives Enter mobile Scene

Traditional magnetic platter hard drives not cutting it for you? Well what ever the reason, you may now have a legitimate alternative. Recently, according to The Inquirer, companies have been taking advantage of advances in NAND memory to create 2.5 inch flash disk drives with high enough capacities and performance to be practically used in notebooks. With capacities ranging from 32Gb to 160Gb, some read speed is left to be desired in comparison to traditional HDs, but the write speed of flash drives blows their magnetic predecessors out of the water.

It seems that 2007 will be the year of flash-based drives finally starting to nibble into the market share of the only current logical candidates, magnetic platter-based hard disk drives. With all the advances in NAND field, companies have started to introduce flash disk models of usable capacities for the commercial notebook space, not just industrial ones. Adtron Corporation has just introduced some newcomers to its Flashpak family - 2.5-inch flash disk models in capacities of 32GB, 96GB and 160GB. Performance isn't sacrificed, the firm claims, since these drives feature 55-65MB/s read/write speed. While classical hard drives are still faster in read speed, 55 MB/s for writing just destroys classical HDDs of today.