F.E.A.R. & Quake 4 Reviews, Inside Pentium 4 Architecture

All right folks, we've got a big post for you tonight. Opinions on F.E.A.R. and Quake 4 are everywhere, and we've rounded a few reviews to help you make up your mind. And hey, we can't forget about Sam... seriously. Enjoy the news folks, goodnight!

Intel Announces Record Revenue Of $9.96 Billion

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 18, 2005 – Intel Corporation today announced record revenue of $9.96 billion for the third quarter, up 18 percent year-over-year and up 8 percent sequentially.

Third-quarter operating income was $3.1 billion, up 31 percent year-over-year and up 17 percent sequentially, and includes the impact of a legal settlement discussed below. Net income was $2 billion, up 5 percent year-over-year and down 2 percent sequentially. Earnings per share (EPS) were 32 cents, up 7 percent from 30 cents in the third quarter of 2004 and down 3 percent from 33 cents in the second quarter of 2005. Third-quarter net income and EPS included the impact of a legal settlement and tax item discussed below.

"In the third quarter, we achieved all-time records in company revenue and unit shipments across all of our major product lines," said Paul Otellini, Intel president and CEO. "Execution remained solid as we launched our new dual-core server platform ahead of schedule and began shipping microprocessors built on our industry-leading 65nm process technology. The combination of our 65nm manufacturing network, broad range of new dual-core processors and unique ability to provide platform solutions positions us well for continued growth."

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Quake 4 Reviews:

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Chaintech AE6800 PCI-E @ Paradise|OC

"The Chaintech uses the newer NV42 GPU. This makes it a true PCI-E based graphics card, instead of using the NV40 GPU which AGP cards used. The NV42, unfortunately, keeps better track of its pipelines, making use of all 12. So there is no way to unlock the core, which was popular on the older AGP versions. However, the NV42 is said to be more stable, so a higher overclock might make up for the lack of the 4 extra pipelines."

ATI Radeon X800 XT All-in-Wonder @ Bytesector

"This card sports one of the fastest graphics cores and memory, a brand new TV tuner technology, new input and output dongles and the ATI Remote Wonder II radio frequency remote control. The X800 XT All-in-Wonder is one of the few graphics cards that sports DVI, VGA and an I/O dongle connection which provides connections for TV, Radio and other input and output devices via composite or S-Video cables."

Kingston KHX6000 PC2-6000 Memory Review @ motherboards.org

"With the dominance of the performance charts on its own level, Kingston's KHX-6000 has proven itself to be one of those products which, for it's time would have been a legend within its niche market. While it's not quite up to today's standards of speed, or ridiculously low latencies, the ability to produce speeds such as this at latencies such as these is indeed impressive."

Inside Pentium 4 Architecture @ Hardware Secrets

"In this tutorial we will explain you how Pentium 4 works in an easy to follow language. You will learn exactly how its architecture works so you will be able to compare it more precisely to previous processors from Intel and competitors from AMD."