Eumax 9-in-1 Flash Genie, 8Com wireless headset and More

Good morning HH Fans. I really hate to do this, but I needed to cut the banter to a minimum.  I have an early morning meeting on the far side of town and I really don't want to get stuck in rush hour traffic.  So, go grab a cup of coffee and settle in, here is your AM shot...

 Eumax 9-in-1 USB 2.0 Flash Genie @ Viper Lair

"Having a memory card reader can be quite useful. Being able to not only have the reader installed in your computer to cut down on desk clutter as well as take it on the road can be very useful. The Flash Genie is such a product; it is an awesome 9-in-1 card reader as well as a portable device."

 8Com Wireless Digital BH220 Headset Review @ CoolTechZone

"8Com Wireless, a name not known to many, is a headset provider for mobile devices market. It would be unfair to call them "just another headset" maker because they take elegance and style in headsets to the next level. This could be that their main consumership consists of business and executive users who are looking for something that is professional and eye-catching. Of course, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies being the latest trend in portable mobile devices, it makes sense to introduce a product that will closely fit the demand for such matching accessories." Hardware Review: Perfect Lan case?

"HTPCnews took a look at a multifunction case and reports back it's findings.  The unit on the review bench today is the Antec Aria, a SFF case that supports mATX motherboards and includes a rock stable 300w Antec PSU.  This little box may just be the perfect box to build your ultimate Lan rig with... HTPCnews threw in some serious level hardware options and the Aria suppressed many of us.  Check out how well it did and if it could / should be considered for your next Lan / HTPC box @"

 Sony SDM-234/B 23 Widescreen LCD Display @ GamePC Labs

"Today at the GamePC Labs, we've taken a look at Sony's latest high-end workstation class LCD display, the SDM-234/B. This is Sony's brand new 23" widescreen LCD display, and is the company's first large screen display to use 16ms pixel refresh rate technology. Combined with a 1920 x 1200 resolution, a touch panel interface, and triple monitor inputs, the SDM-234/B aims to please."

 Athlon 64 3000+ Winchester 90nm review @ AMD Zone

"Overclocking is of course a hot topic with 90nm CPUs.  We decided to test out the Athlon 64 3000+ with the stock AVC cooler with a copper base and aluminum fins.  This is the one you currently get with boxed Athlon 64s.  First we checked what the temperature of the CPU was at idle and under heavy load with the Abit hardware monitoring utility.  At idle the 3000+ at default speed ran at 47 degrees Celsius.  Under heavy load it peaked out at 59 degrees Celsius.  Now let's look at our preliminary overclocking results."

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