Epox 9NDA3+, Saitek PC Gaming Keyboard, and more!

Oh no, my right ear has been blocked for the past three days... this may be the beginning of an ear infection :( After this post I'm off to Google to search for some sinus pressure remedies. Hey! Did anyone else see the video of that fight at the Pistons/Pacers game? It took security forever to get that thing under control. If anyone knows where I can find the video, send me an E-Mail!

Saitek PC Gaming Keyboard Review @ 3DX

"In my opinion this Keyboard is the best Keyboard on the market and if you are a gamer the blue backlighting is just the icing on the cake."

Epox 9NDA3 Review @ AMDZone

"The chipset area shows that Epox has a huge heatsink for the nForce 3 250GB. This is probably the largest stock heatsink we have ever seen for a motherboard, and it is actively cooled. To the left of the heatsink are the SATA RAID connectors that will handle RAID 0, 1, and 0 1, and two additional ports above it also supporting RAID. Two are integrated in the nForce chipset, and the other two are courtesy of a Marvell chip located just above the chipset, but covered by the heatsink. Above the heatsink are the IDE connectors. To the right of them are the front panel connectors, the bios chip, the LED status monitor, and the floppy connector. The VIA chip in the bottom right corner adds Firewire support with the connectors to the right of it."

Kingston DataTraveler Elite 1GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive @ Bjorn3D

"Flash memory is a huge business right now because of consumers' insatiable appetites for more digital devices that require more and more storage capacity. They most often get this storage in the form of flash memory cards. That is not the only use of flash technology, though. Flash memory is also responsible for the proliferaion of a very popular floppy disk replacement - USB flash drives. Kingston Technology, a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of memory products, offers a full line of flash memory products."

Chenbro Xpider II @ HEXUS.net

"All in all, the Xpider II is a very solid piece of kit. It does everything that is asked of it, and does it well - The build is sturdy, the screw-free drive bays and PCI/AGP slots are easy to use, and there is plenty of nice attention to detail in the overall layout, from the drive rails neatly stored at the bottom of the case to the positive feel of the push-button panel to access the front USB ports and the like. The side panel window is the perfect example of this thoughtfulness in the design process"

Asetek Water Cooling Kit and Hard Drive Cooler @ Techniz

"Today, we are reviewing their WaterChill CPU Water Cooling Kit - KT03A-L20. The KT03A-L20 is the WaterChill kit for the extreme water cooling enthusiast reaching out for serious performance and sky high overclocking. The KT03A-L20 offers maximum cooling capacity, easy assembly and 100 % reliable and secure operation for the most central of PC components - the CPU."