Epic Teases Fortnite Season 10 As Mysterious Orb Explodes Spreading Chaos

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The next season of Fortnite is going to start off with a bang. Epic Games just released a teaser trailer for Season 10 of Fortnite that features an explosion. Season 10, which starts August 1st, will also likely include callbacks to past seasons.

Epic Games posted a teaser trailer for Season 10 on Twitter that shows a glowing orb exploding over Loot Lake. Several cracks have already appeared in the orb over the last several days.

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The orb materialized after the Season 9 finale live event. Cattus, a pink robot, battled a monster dubbed Doggus. Although Cattus defeated Doggus by plunging a sword into its skull, while the robot’s arm was ripped off and thrown into Loot Lake. The orb then appeared over the location of the discarded arm. The orb has since been destabilizing the surrounding area. It will be interesting to see how the orb’s explosion affects the world of Fortnite; some have guessed that the orb will completely destroy the current map and spawn an entirely new one.

Epic Games began teasing Season 10 at the Fortnite World Cup this past Sunday. Players will likely return to Dusty Divot, a location that was destroyed in Season 4 by a meteor. Some have theorized that the orb’s explosions will be responsible for the return of Dusty Divot and other past locations. Epic Games has also hinted that the Visitor from Season 4 and Drift from Season 5 will make an appearance. 

Fortnite has experienced a decline over the last few months, despite Epic Games’ attempts to keep their content fresh. Fortnite is a free-to-play game, but generates revenue by selling “V-Bucks”. In 2018, Fortnite made over $2.4 billion USD in revenue.

Unfortunately for Epic Games, revenue decreased by 48% at the beginning of 2019. Season 9 has given the game a boost, but revenue is still far from 2018 totals. Many players are simply spending less on V-Bucks, while others have turned to competitors like Apex Legends. It remains to be seen whether Season 10 will keep players interested or attract new ones.