Is Fortnite's Loot Lake Mystery Orb Destabilizing Towards An Apocalyptic Map-Changing Event?

This weekend was the Fortnite Season 9 finale with the giant robot facing off against the monster dubbed Cattus. The fight was by all accounts an epic battle, and the end result was that the robot, dubbed Doggus, defeated Cattus. The expectation from most was that the battle would destroy a lot of the familiar structures around the island and usher in changes that would be part of Season 10.

fortnite orb new

However, when the battle was complete, the only real change was the robot's sword stabbed through the skull of the monster. Something that might not have seemed to be a game-changer happened in the battle and occurred when the robot's arm was ripped off, and it plunged its good arm into the power generation device at Loot Lake.

fortnite orb destable

Players that have returned to Loot Lake since the battle will see an energy orb floating over the lake. In the short time that the orb has been part of the game world, it is destabilizing and changing. The first image you see here was taken soon after the epic fight between Cattus and Doggus. The second image was taken the next day, and the changes in the orb can be seen.

The general theory is that the orb might explode, causing massive changes to the map. Some believe that the orb explosion might destroy the entire island and Season 10 will kick off with an entirely new map for players to explore. Fortnite's popularity has been waning with some gamers, and a completely new map could be what the game needs to push it to levels of polarity it had in the past. Many speculate that once the Fortnite World Cup is over next weekend, the orb will explode ushering in significant changes for Season 10.