These Epic Fortnite Robots Vs Monsters Season 9 Showdown Highlights Live Up To The Hype

Fortnite Robot
Wow, talk about a battle for the ages! No, we are not talking about the events taking place at The Open Championship, or 40-year-old boxing legend Manny Pacquiao delivering 30-year-old Keith Thurman his first defeat to claim the WBA Super welterweight title. All exciting stuff for sure, but Fortnite's Season 9 'The Final Showdown' between a larger-than-life robot and an equally big monster delivered on the hype and anticipation.

The live event took place yesterday afternoon at 2:00 pm ET (11:00 am PT). Leading up to the event, Fornite players saw the construction of the pink robot, called Cattus, piece by piece throughout the season at the Pressure Plant. Meanwhile, the monster, called Doggus, started off trapped in Polar Peak. He would later emerge with Polar Peak on his back, biding his time in the sea around the island.

It all came to a head yesterday when Doggus finally came ashore. Fortunately for anyone who missed what ensued, the action was caught by various streamers and preserved online.
Dead set on destruction, onlookers watched as Doggus marched across the island and began laying waste to the vault. Cattus would have none of it, though, and fired off around a dozen rockets at the beast. Cattus flailed about as they made contact, but the gift of flying explosives mostly just ticked him off. He showed this by going full-on Godzilla and spewing something nasty (and potentially toxic, perhaps a radiation beam) at Cattus, knocking the robot over.

Cattus got up and charged Doggus, performing a tackle that would make Bobby Boucher Jr. (The Waterboy) proud as the two landed and disappeared into the sea. (Following Twitter embed is NSFW—language)
Shortly after, Cattus flies out of the water and lands on a mountain top as victory music plays in the background. The end, right? Wrong! We have watched enough super hero movies to know that the first ending is not the real one, and such was the case here.

Before Cattus had a chance to celebrate, Cattus hops out of the would-be watery grave and takes Doggus down in another epic tackle. Things look grim for our robot hero, who suffers multiple wounds and stumbles out of the scene. It's still not over, though. Cattus pounds the ground with his one remaining arm and lifts up an orb, which he uses to deliver a near-knockout blow to Doggus.
To finish off the fight, Cattus lifts up a sword and plunges it through the monster's skull and into the earth. Sort of like setting up a tent, only much more violent. And with a sword. So, really, nothing like setting up a tent—forget we said it. A celebratory floss dance ensues (this is Fortnite, after all), and thus ends the battle. Cattus then flies into the sky and out of view.

You can watch the entire bout from an aerial view. Have a look...

These live events typically have lasting consequences on the game. We will have to wait and see what (if any) of this battle carries over in to Season 10.