ECS Springdale, Enermax Power Supply, Water Cooling and Doom3 Benchmarking!

Here we go again, starting up your day with a taste of what the hardware world has to offer.   This morning we've got the spectrum covered from motherboards to power supplies and water cooling.  Top that of with some Doom3 benchmarking and the fun real gets going!  So let's jump in shall we?

ECS PF1 Deluxe Photon Motherboard review @ Tweaktown:

"We are taking a little flash-back today as we look at the year old ECS PF1 Deluxe Photon Motherboard. We've seen attempts in the past from ECS to make it big in leagues besides OEM and watched them fail. How does the this ECS Springdale motherboard fair against some of the biggest names in the enthusiast motherboard business? Read on and find out!"

Raidmax Scorpio 668 Gaming Case Review @

"I like hosting LAN parties. One of my favorite aspects of hosting LANs is to see all of the custom cases that show up. I actually had one guy tell me he wasn't going to come to my LAN solely because he had a plain jane case and was embarrassed to let everyone see it. Well, not all of us are masters with a Dremel and can turn a plain jane case into a show stopper. For those of us that don't have time to transform our case, Raidmax has what we need. They have come through with an incredible looking case. Other than being shiny, does the case deliver what is needed on the inside to make this case truly outstanding?"

Antec SmartBlue 350W PSU Review @ TechFreaks:

"If you have the choice between the 350W SmartPower and the 350W SmartBlue, I might opt for the SmartPower because they generally run cheaper and the LED fans were anything but impressive. The SmartBlue 350W nevertheless proved true of deserving the Antec name and even for those on a budget, there is a power-supply option for you that delivers performance at a reasonable price."

id Software's Official DOOM3 Benchmarks @

"For those of you that think you are not going to have the hardware that you need to play DOOM 3, the fact of the matter is that many of you will be just fine, although an upgrade may still be in your future. As of this afternoon we were playing DOOM 3 on a 1.5GHz Pentium 4 box with a GeForce 4 MX440 video card and having a surprisingly good gaming experience. Even a subtle jump to an AMD 2500 with a GeForce 3 video card that is two years old will deliver a solid gaming experience that will let you enjoy the game the way id Software designed it to be. That fact alone should let many of you know that you will not be left behind in experiencing DOOM 3."

Sonos Digital Music System Preview @ CoolTechZone:

"The ability to listen to music throughout the house is an audio enthusiast's dream. Sonos, a privately operated firm, has launched a new product that promises an innovative way of listening to music. The Sonos Digital Music System is a product that will awe many audio enthusiasts with its features."

Enermax NoiseTaker 420w Power Supply Review at XYZ Computing:

"Today we'll be taking a look at one of the newest additions to the Enermax family, the Noisetaker line, specifically the 420w unit. Enermax purports this power supply to be one of the best available for people looking for all-out performance even with when using the newest processors available. By having Intel ATX12V Ver. 1.3 compliance this unit should be more than ready to power any platform, including Prescott and Athlon64. As if this was not enough, the NoiseTaker line is designed to run and extremely low noise levels."

Aquagate water cooling kit review @ PCUNLEASH

"In the past, a water cooling system was mainly used by overclockers.
Normal users didn't even consider the idea of using water cooling, since it involves a much more sophisticated installation procedure, as well as potential for damage being caused to the system by water leaks. However, if you think of the heat that is generated by a typical system nowadays, you can easily understand how the demand for water cooling is gradually increasing. Moreover, in the summer, reliance on air cooling for your system can even be dangerous, the system being more vulnerable to heat.  I've heard many complaints from users that in summertime they had to go back to the original clock."

That's about all for now, but we'll be back soon with more treats!