ECS KN1 Extreme Motherboard, Antec Sonata II ATX Case, and more!

Hey folks, we've got a BIG update for you this afternoon. It starts off in the form of the giant, "Beastly", Gigabyte GV-3D1-68GT... which is 2 6800GT GPU Cores slapped onto 1 board! I'm sure some of you are wondering "How do you cool this thing?!?", so we've provided a pic below. In other news, Microsoft has started beta testing it's Longhorn OS. If we come across any screenshots, we'll be sure to post them!

GIGABYTE Unleashes 3D1-68GT VGA Card

Beastly GV-3D1-68GT Dual GPU VGA card scores over 20,000 points in 3DMark03


Taipei, Taiwan 11th July, 2005 - GIGABYTE Technology Co. Ltd., a world-leading VGA card manufacturer, today introduced the much anticipated GV-3D1-68GT, the most powerful and technically advanced GIGABYTE graphics accelerator card to date with a monster score of more than 20,000 in 3Dmark03, and just under 10,000 in 3Dmark05. As the successor to the legendary GV-3D1 that debuted at the beginning of the year, the GV-3D1-68GT is designed around proprietary technology from GIGABYTE that harnesses two GPUs together in a single VGA card SLI configuration. Improvements to the new GIGABYTE 3D1 VGA card-series flagship include dual 16 pixel pipelines from two GeForce 6800GT GPUs, quad-view support for up to four displays at a time, and compatibility with a somewhat wider range of motherboards than the initial 3D1 VGA card offered.

Demonstrating remarkable R&D strength and prowess, GIGABYTE VGA card design teams succeeded in combining dual GeForce 6800 GT graphics processors with 512MB DDR3 memory and all the other electronic components onto a card that fits in a normal ATX case. Additionally, GIGABYTE engineers have improved the power supply interface for the GV-3D1-68GT to ensure stable extreme 3D performance. With its outstanding design and impressive new features, the GV-3D1-68GT is a tribute to the innovation and understanding of new technologies that differentiates GIGABYTE from other VGA card suppliers.

The new flagship 3D1 series from GIGABYTE also supports a host of cutting edge industry wide technologies such as Microsoft DirectX 9.0C and OpenGL 1.5, and boasts a third generation graphics engine that streamlines the creation of complex visual effects through features such as the CineFX 3.0 engine for developers to create unique 3D game features and effects in both game animation and high-definition video. For discerning PC gamers, the GV-3D1-68GT incorporates Intellisample™ 3.0 that increases performance at higher resolutions through advances in compression technology to deliver exceptional visual quality. Moreover, the GV-3D1-68GT is also outfitted with NVIDIA
(R) UltraShadow™ II that fulfills complex digital lights and realistic shadows in future-generation games. On top of all these features, the GV-3D1-68GT also incorporates PureVideo™ technology that ensures support for new video formats, while its motion estimation engine (MEE) allows the card to record and play video files simultaneously without interrupting system performance, and help create a home theater from a PC.

The GV-3D1-68GT is equipped with dual DVI-I, TV-OUT and D-SUB output, and comes bundled with an impressive range of software including Cyberlink PowerDVD 6.0, Joint Operations, and Xpand Rally.

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