E3 Bits, Athlon 64 Overclocking Guide, and more!

Hey folks, E3 is going on and we have a few bits from the show. Along with the AGEIA press announcements below, you can check a screenshot of the upcoming game, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, as well as some info on the PS3.

AGEIA Builds Momentum at E3 with Key Hardware and Software Alliances Promoting Physics in Games.


AGEIA physics technology continues to gain enthusiastic support from game industry

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – May 18, 2005 – At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), AGEIA™ Technologies, Inc., the pioneer in hardware-accelerated physics for games, today announced a flurry of design wins and new partnerships with game developers, add-in board vendors, publishers, console manufacturers and middleware vendors from around the world and throughout the gaming universe.

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Ritual Entertainment Signs Source Code License Agreement with AGEIA

Phantagram Leverages AGEIA PhysX Technology for Upcoming Xbox 360 Game Title

Sapphire Hybrid RADEON X800 XL 512MB (PCIe) @ Hardware Zone

"Sapphire is among the earliest to debut their RADEON X800 XL 512MB solution to the masses. Improvising upon the stock design, it comes with a robust and quiet cooler, VIVO functions, dual DVI interfaces and a swell bundle. Find out how it fared and our thoughts on 512MB consumer graphics cards in general."

Logisys Remote Multifuction Panel Reviewed @ Hi-Techreviews.com | Image

"With this Multifunctional Panel you not only have the customary USB and Fire Wire port, but a pair of automotive style temperature gauges for monitoring up to two internal temperatures, a fan controller and a Smart Controller that allows you to start, stop or reset your computer with the provided controller pad. So come check it out and see what you think."

AMD Athlon 64 General Overclocking Guide @ Madshrimps

"Everything you ever wanted to know about Athlon 64 overclocking, and then some. If you are confused about HTT, LDT, memory dividers and relationship between these settings, then read on. This in-depth overclocking guide will show you how to get the maximum from your brand new Athlon 64 system."

Powering Your PC:Truths and Misconceptions-A Guide To Power Supplies @ Extreme Overclocking

"This article details how linear & switching power supplies work, and answers such questions as Power Factor & Power Factor Correction, Efficiency, Voltage Regulation, Operating Conditions, and much more!"