Doom for Mac OS X on x86, A64 3000+ Venice Overclocking, and more!

Good morning everyone :) Whether your waking up on the west coast, or having lunch on the east coast, grab yourself a coffee and enjoy tales of overclocking and digital photography. Check back later for more of the news you love.

Possible Doom for Mac OS X on x86 @ CoolTechZone

"Apple's recent collaboration with Intel to use its microprocessors surged a great deal of interest throughout the industry. Though there are several arguments spanning the market currently, one thing is certain – Apple has stated it will not let users install Mac OS X on non-proprietary hardware, even though the CPU will fully comply with x86 architecture. The only apparent way for Apple to achieve that is by using some form of protection technology, however, that may ultimately turn out to be a fatal strategy."

Athlon 64 3000 Venice Core Overclocking Review @ AMD Zone

"In the past few CPU reviews we have taken a close look at the 3500 Venice core Athlon 64, and the 3200 Venice core. We found each CPU to be a good overclocker, and to be reasonably priced. The Venice core brings with it an enhanced 90nm process with SSE3 and better memory support/compatibility. It also brings a lower operating temperature. Today we add the Athlon 64 3000 Venice core to the list of CPUs we have tested from that code class, and compare them all to the Athlon 64 X2 4800 for fun."

Radeon X800XL 512MB Review @ [H]ard|OCP

"When it's all said and done, the 512MB Radeon X800 XL video card is not a good value. For $200 less you can pick up a Radeon X800 XL 256MB video card that pulls in some impressive performance compared to a GeForce 6800 GT. The only benefit in our testing was Half-Life 2 and it just isn't worth paying $200 more for one game to raise the AA setting by one quality setting."

Digital Photography 101: RAW Files vs JPG Files @ The Tech Zone

"If you have a newer digital camera then no doubt you will noticed that it can take photos in a format known as RAW. What is a RAW file and how does it compare to the JPG photos that we all know and love? We'll give you the answers."