Dominos Now Taking SMS Orders

Dominos Pizza has been experimenting with different forms of digitally ordering pizza in recent years.  It all started with opening a web-site to take online orders (something Papa John’s Pizza made quite popular), then moved on to the infamous /pizza command in EverQuest 2, and now has moved on to the wonderful world of SMS.

The big question is just who is going to be the target audience for such a method.  It'd seem that anyone with an SMS-capable phone could just make a call, unless the phones at their local Dominos are too busy.
“Yes, if you get a passion for pepperoni when the pubs throw out, just go to your phone and send a message. Your pizza will then arrive from one of Dominos' 470 outlets just as you've dozed off in the armchair. There are a couple of safeguards - firstly, you'll need to register your full details online beforehand and you'll need to set up a 'favourite meals' list, which you can text to the shop. So texting 'hammered' could lead to a large pizza with extra cheese arriving at your door.”
Would you order a pizza via SMS, or this just a waste of time?
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