Destiny 2 Festival Of The Lost Halloween Event: How To Bag Top Treats

destiny 2 festival lost headless one
We're getting into late October, the spookiest time of year in Destiny 2! The last few years have featured a fun seasonal event dubbed the Festival of the Lost. Here is everything you need to know about Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost 2021.

Festival of the Lost Gone But Not Forgotten Quest

Festival of the Lost is a seasonal event that is free to all players. It will run from Tuesday, October 12th to Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021. The event is loosely inspired by holidays such as Halloween and Día de los Muertos.

destiny 2 festival lost mask

Guardians should first head to Eva Levante in the Tower to pick up the "Gone But Not Forgotten" quest. They will be given a mask that they will need to wear while completing activities to collect candy and "Spectral Pages." Guardians should then go to a "Haunted Sector" to complete a "Summoning Ritual" once they have collected a handful of Spectral Pages.

The Haunted Sector Playlist can be accessed via a quest node in the Tower. Guardians will need to "turn Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages by defeating at least one Headless One and then completing the Haunted Sector." Guardians can transform Manifested Pages into Shrouded Pages through Eva’s Book of the Forgotten. The Guardian will receive a page of lore and a triumph when they turn in Shrouded Pages.

Guardians must return to Eva to complete the "Gone But Not Forgotten" quest. She will gift them with the Legendary Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle.

Festival of the Lost Haunted Sectors

The Summoning Ritual in the Haunted Sector is similar to other Destiny 2 activities. Guardians should stand in a circle for 100 seconds to summon a "Headless One," with new summoning circles appearing each time you defeat a Headless One. Guardians should take down as many Headless Ones as possible before the timer runs out. Each defeated Headless One will transform a Spectral Page into a Manifested Page.

destiny 2 festival lost haunted sectors

A boss will appear once the timer has run out. At that point, Guardians should fire at the boss until it puts up an invulnerability shield. Guardians will then need to head to a Summoning Circle and defeat Headless Ones.

These Headless Ones will drop Pumpkin Charges that can be tossed at the boss to take down its shield. Guardians can then resume damaging the boss—repeat this process until the boss is defeated. Guardians will be able to loot a chest at the end that will contain their Manifested Pages, candy, and a chance to receive Legendary Kinetic Auto Rifle Braytech Werewolf and/or Legendary Kinetic Auto Rifle Horror Story.

Festival of the Lost Candy and Challenges

Candy is once again the event’s main form of currency. Candy has a chance to drop every time one defeats an enemy or completes activities, and bigger foes have a chance of dropping higher quantities of candy. The candy will look like bright blue "motes." It can be used to purchase a total of six masks, as well as the Exotic Sparrow Headless Horsepower, Festival of the Lost weapons, and "bags" that have a chance of dropping loot. Here are the new masks this year and their costs...
  • Eramis Mask-- 1,300 candies
  • Taniks Mask-- 2,600 candies
  • Honk Moon Mask-- 3,900 candies.
  • Pyramid Mask-- 5,200 candies.
  • Ada-1 Mask-- 6,500 candies.
  • Sweeper Bot Mask-- 7,800 candies.
destiny 2 festival lost masks candy

Guardians can complete the "Sweetness and Light" challenge each week to receive a Tier 3 Powerful Drop from Eva. The quest requires Guardians to simply obtain candies and can be done fairly quickly. Guardians can also slay thirty Headless Ones each week to receive a Pinnacle Drop. These challenges, as well as the requirement that Guardians complete activities to acquire candy and Spectral Pages, can be a great way to work on obtaining Powerful and Pinnacle drops.

The Haunted Sectors and Book of the Forgotten are a welcome change from the "Haunted Forest." The Haunted Forest was a spooky version of the Infinite Forest on Mercury. It was tedious and acquiring the necessary "Cipher Decoders" to open chests at the end of the activity was even more so.

We will not give away too much about the story (no spoilers here!), but we find this year’s festival storyline to be quite endearing. We enjoy piecing together Destiny-themed ghost stories and think it is wise that there is a variety of Haunted Sectors. This will hopefully keep players engaged throughout the entirety of the event.