How To Level-Up For Destiny 2's Season Of The Lost Grandmaster Nightfall

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Destiny 2
fans are excited that the first Grandmaster Nightfall of the Season of the Lost will be available today. However, Grandmaster Nightfalls cannot be accessed by all players as Guardians need a minimum power level of 1345 to be able to enter it. This is what you need to know about increasing your Power Level in Destiny 2. These tips are helpful whether you are preparing for a Grandmaster Nightfall, are a newer player, or simply want to level up your characters.

How Power Levels Work in Destiny 2

Every new Guardian begins at a 1100 power level. A Guardian’s Power Level is the average of the Power Level of all their gear and one can only increase their Power Level by finding higher-level gear. This average includes equipped gear, gear that is in one’s inventory, and gear that is in one’s vault. Weapon power levels track across characters, but armor pieces only apply to the relevant class.

The first key to leveling up is to always keep your highest Power Level item per slot. This includes “blue” gear with poor stats. You can always infuse your better gear with the higher Power Level items if you feel particularly annoyed by keeping blue gear in your inventory. Nevertheless, if you are at a lower Power Level we would suggest waiting between 10-15 Power Levels to infuse your gear and to ration your Upgrade Modules.

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Destiny 2’s “soft cap” is 1270. This can be reached simply by playing the game. Drops from any source will help you to increase your Power Level. Some Guardians recommend running Lost Sectors to quickly get to that 1270 cap as drops are plentiful.

Once you have reached 1270, you will need to be a bit more strategic about how to level up. The “Powerful” cap in the game is 1320, while the “Pinnacle” cap is 1330 as of the Season of the Lost. The seasonal artifact allows Guardians to go beyond 1330. The Powerful Cap can only be reached through Powerful and Pinnacle sources and the Pinnacle cap can only be reached through Pinnacle sources. The list of Powerful and Pinnacle sources is fairly extensive, but we want to focus on the activities that are free to players and can be completed solo.

Powerful and Pinnacle Sources Destiny 2

There are a few important things to note. First, you will not be able to see Powerful and Pinnacle gear challenges in your directory until you hit the soft cap. Second, while both Powerful and Pinnacle sources will help get you to the “Powerful” cap, we would recommend primarily focusing on Powerful activities. Last, you should “equalize” your gear. You want to make sure all of your gear is at the same level as your average before pursuing the Pinnacle cap. You would want to pursue Powerful gear sources until you have achieved that average. Apps like Destiny Item Manager can help you figure out your Power Level and discover which pieces of gear are not up to snuff.

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These are the activities we would recommend if you are pursuing the Powerful cap. All are free, can be completed without a fireteam, and do not rely upon chance. Activities such as the Prophecy Dungeon are free to all players and could technically be completed solo, but we do not wish that frustration upon newer players.

  • Complete Nightfall: The Ordeal. Matchmaking is available for the Adept and Hero tiers.
  • Reputation Rewards Rank 1 from Crucible, Gambit, and Strikes.
  • Win seven rounds on the Crucible Survival playlist.
  • Completing Vanguard, Crucible, Gambit, and Gunsmith bounties (8 bounties from each vendor).
  • Major Infamy, Valor, and Glory Rank ups.
  • Obtain "Null Composure,” "Ascendancy,” “Salvager's Salvo,” and the Adored" Ritual weapons.

These are the activities we would recommend if you are pursuing the Pinnacle cap. All are free, can be completed without a fireteam, and do not rely upon chance.

  • Completing Strike, Gambit, and Crucible matches (three of each).
  • Iron Banner bounties (four total bounties available each time Iron Banner returns).
  • Reach "Legend" Glory rank.

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We do have a few suggestions for those who own Beyond Light or have access to the seasonal content. Those who own Beyond Light can complete lower tier Empire Hunts, eight bounties from Variks, and the Exo Stranger Weekly Challenge (100 stasis kills outside of Europa) for a Powerful Drop. Those who own Beyond Light: Deluxe Edition can jump back into Wrathborn Hunts or Battlegrounds to grind for more Powerful drops.

We would highly recommend completing the Exo Challenge Simulation each week, once it has been upgraded to a Pinnacle source. The Exo Challenge Simulation can be completed alone and very quickly and is therefore an ideal Pinnacle Source. You can also get a Pinnacle drop by defeating four Champions in the Shattered Realm during the Season of the Lost. This cannot be completed as quickly as an Exo Challenge Simulation, but still can be done solo.

Will you be tackling the Grandmaster Nightfalls? Let us know in the comments below.

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