Dell to use ATI Graphics in AMD Notebooks

DigiTimes reports that the highly publicized AMD notebooks which will be brought to market by Dell later this year will in fact be equipped with ATI graphics chipsets. At this time, it is not known how much influence AMD's recent acquisition of ATI had upon the decision to use Radeon Mobility GPU's. Interestingly enough, comments have been made surrounding NVIDIA's financial reports which would seem to indicate that these AMD-based Dell notebooks will actually be using NVIDIA's nForce chipsets. Could we end up seeing an AMD notebook from Dell which uses an NVIDIA chipset and an ATI GPU? With the notebooks slated to launch in late October or early November, we will know for certain in the very near future.

"Dell's decision to use ATI GPUs in AMD-based notebooks indicates that the impact of AMD's acquisition of ATI on the PC industry will likely start intensifying in the near future, the sources said."