Dead Cell Phones Make Lousy Emergency Calls

Everybody has a cell phone. And since everybody has a cell phone, people will drive right past you on a lonely road when your car has broken down, and figure you're just waiting for a lift. And they won't know that your cell phone battery is dead and you have no way to charge it. It's a long walk to the nearest payphone these days. Why make that journey carrying a dead cellphone and a pocket full of quarters when you could just keep a mobcharger in your glove compartment?

Mobcharger is an emergency mobile phone battery designed to provide instant power to a depleted phone battery. Just plug it into your mobile, then continue talking, texting, taking photos and playing games. Mobcharger is an innovative new solution to an increasingly common problem - how to charge a phone battery when there is no electricity available. The Mobcharger can be carried in handbags, pockets or briefcases so there are no more emergencies.

The FAQ page lays it all out. You'll need a different model mobcharger for each configuration of phone charger, but there aren't that many permutations, really. It might save you from inconvenience or embarrassment someday. On a cold lonely road some night, it might save your skin.

The spare tire for the information age.