David Nalasco(ATI) Interview, Story Of The First Internet Worm

It's another cold and dreary day here in the northeast part of the HH labs... perfect time to sit down for a news post :) Once the excitement of the Patriots 4th quarter win over the Falcons(31-28) leaves me, I think it might be time for a nap. Enjoy the news...

Thermaltake Blue ORB II CPU Cooler @ Techniz | Thermaltake Golden Orb II @ HH

"The Blue ORB II CPU Cooler from Thermaltake is a good performance and good looking CPU cooler. This CPU cooler is an ideal choice for those users who wish for the fancy look and good performance. The entire cooler is just looks like a huge blue flower. Not only that, the performance of the Blue ORB II CPU Cooler is very good as you can see in the performance section."

David Nalasco (ATI) Interview @ t-break

"The compositing engine is really only necessary on a master board. Its only necessary if you want to use CrossFire. Other wise you have additional costs associated which would have to be on all the chips whether or not you're interested in CrossFire. The fact is that percentage of people that will use a CrossFire solution is very very small."

SilverStone Strider ST405 400W @ Phoronix

"Although a great deal of the power supplies we look at on a regular basis are designed for high-end systems, occasionally we accept the offer to look at a lower-wattage power supply that may not be ideal for an SLI or CrossFire setup but continues to pack a punch when it comes to features."

The Story Of The First Internet Worm @ The TechZone

"Robert Tappan Morris was the first person convicted by a jury under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986. The story of the worm he created and what happened to him after it was released is a tale of mistakes, infamy, and ultimately the financial and professional success of its author."

LTB ProAmp 5.1 Headphone Amplifier and LTB True 5.1 Headphones @ ThinkComputers

"Today I have for review something that I thought was pretty cool to be reviewing, I myself like good quality sound from all my audio equipment, and since my computer is such a large part of my life I feel that I need great quality from that as well."