Cyber Monday SSD Deals Bring Speedy Storage Savings Up To 50% Off

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Black Friday may be over, but gamers can still find plenty of Cyber Monday deals on solid state storage. Whether you want a speedy SSD for a desktop, laptop, Steam Deck, or a PlayStation 5 console, there is a deal ripe for the picking.

WD_Black 1TB SN850X NVMe Internal SSD

WD_Black is a well-known brand amongst gamers. The company’s SN850X internal SSD offers sequetial transfer speeds of up to 7,300MB/s for quick file transfer and short game level load times.

wd black sn850x

The drive is also compatible with the WD_Black Dashboard which gives a peek into the drive’s health, and can also automatically detect games to turn on Game Mode 2.0 (for Windows PCs only).

The SN850X also has features such as Predictive Loading, Overhead Balancing, and Adaptive Thermal Management to maintain the performance of the drive in various scenarios and it is ready for Microsoft’s DirectStorage technology too.

The WD_Black 1TB SN850X internal SSD is on sale for 50% off currently, or only $79.99.

A couple more deals from Western Digital include:
  • The Western Digital 1TB SN850 SSD with heatsink for the PS5 console is on sale for 35% off, or $117
  • The Western Digital 4TB SN850P SSD for PS5 consoles with heatsink is on sale for $299.99.

Samsung 980 500GB SSD For Laptops

Some gamers prefer the mobility of a laptop. For them, the Samsung 980 500GB SSD can provide fast transfers and lower power, at a very affordable price. The Samsung 980 SSD offers sequential read/write speeds up to 3,500/3,000MB/s, respectively.

samsung 980 ssd

The Samsung SSD 980 features a nickel layer on its heat spreader, to help manage heat generated by the controller and on-board NAND. It also uses proprietary Samsung thermal control algorithm, to intelligently throttle performance and manage heat to deliver reliable, stable performance within the confines of a laptop.

The Samsung 980 500GB Internal SSD is on sale for 40% off at just $44.95.

For those who need a bit more storage and prefer a Samsung SSD portable drive, the Samsung T7 Shield 4TB portable SSD is on sale for 17% off or only $199.99.

TeamGroup T-Force Delta DDR5 32GB Kit And Cardea Zero Z440 1TB SSD

For gamers building a new rig on a budget, the TeamGroup T-Force Delta DDR5 32GB kit and Cardea Z440 1TB SSD combo could be just what the doctor ordered. This combo addresses both storage and memory at a very low cost.

The T-Force brand targets gamers specifically, and offers a mix of high-performance and unique styling. The T-Force Delta DDR5 32GB (2 x 16GB) kit runs at a speedy 6400MT/s and supports XMP 3.0.

teamgroup t force ram

The T-Force Cardea Zero Z440 1TB SSD is also relatively fast with read/write speeds up to 5,000/4,400MB/s. It includes a heatsink made from graphene copper foil to help lower temps while gaming and both the Delta DDR5 RAM and Cardea SSD come with a 5-year limited warranty.

The TeamGroup T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 32GB kit (2 X 16GB) with Cardea Zero Z440 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen 4 SSD is on sale for only $129.99.

Be sure to check out these other great deals on SSDs while you're shopping:
  • The SK Hynix Platinum P41 2TB Internal SSD is on sale for $114.99
  • The Lexar NM790 1 TB SSD with heatsink is on sale for 36% off for just $50.95
  • The Crucial P3 Plus 4TB internal SSD is on sale for $179.99
  • The Silicon Power 2TB internal SSD for Steam Deck is on sale for 20% off for $159.97.