TeamGroup Launches G70 And G50 SSDs To Amp Your Gaming PC With Blazing-Fast Storage

TeamGroup T-Force G70 And G50 SSDs on a blue background.
TeamGroup's growing family of high-speed solid state drives (SSDs) just got a bit bigger today with the launch of four new models, including the T-Force G70 Pro, T-Force G70, T-Force G50 Pro, and T-Force G50. All four drive families share PCI Express 4.0 DNA and use an Innogrit controller. What separates them, however, are top speeds and certain features exclusive to the Pro models.

Starting with the fastest drives, the T-Force G70 Pro and T-Force G70 deliver max speeds of up to 7,400MB/s for sequential reads and 6,800MB/s for sequential writes. Those sequential metrics apply to both the 4TB and 2TB capacity models.

Meanwhile, the 1TB variant also delivers up to 7,400MB/s for reads while retaining nearly-as-fast writes at 6,200MB/s. There's also a 512GB model, which is rated to deliver 7,200MB/s for sequential reads but just 2,600MB/s for sequential writes, which while fast is a steep drop off compared to the other models.

What about the differences between the Pro and non-Pro models? The Pro trades the graphene heatsink for a thicker aluminum one, while still being compatible with the PlayStation 5. Pro variants also sport an unspecified amount of DRAM cache. That's in addition to SLC caching, which is supported on both the Pro and non-Pro models.

TeamGroup T-Force G50 Pro SSD installed in a motherboard.

Meanwhile, the T-Force G50 Pro and T-Force G50 sport speeds that are more in line with the the initial crop of PCIe 4 SSDs when they first arrive on the scene. The G50 lineup also tops out at 2TB. Here's how the rated performance metrics break down by capacity...
  • 2TB T-Force G50 Pro/G50: 5,000MB/s sequential read, 4,800MB/s sequential write
  • 1TB T-Force G50 Pro/G50: 5,000MB/s sequential read, 4,800MB/s sequential write
  • 512GB T-Force G50 Pro/G50: 5,000MB/s sequential read, 3,500MB/s sequential write
While no longer class-leading in PCIe 4.0 territory, those are still fast speeds that leave mechanical hard disk drive (HDDs) in the dust, as well as SATA-based SSDs (whether they're of the 2.5-inch or M.2 variety).

Like the G70 Pro and G70 drives, the Pro designation on the G50 series indicates the inclusion of an aluminum heatsink and some amount of DRAM cache.

Unfortunately, we can't speak to the potential value proposition of any of these drives, as TeamGroup has not yet revealed pricing. However, the company did say that it's G70 and G50 SSDs will be available at Amazon at the end of December. That means the drives will miss out on the initial Black Friday and Cyber Monday frenzy. Incidentally, we posted a roundup of Black Friday SSD deals earlier today.