Corsair XMS2-8500 Memory Review

Thanks to the technology improvements that have gone into making DDR2 memory, we've been seeing some incredible gains in memory speed. What Bytesector has for you today, is Corsair's new XMS2-8500 memory. While it's not a dramatic improvement over their 1GHz XMS2-8000, it is currently the fastest memory they have to offer.

"Since my last memory review, Corsair has been busy designing and building the fastest memory on earth. With a previous top memory speed of 1GHz, Corsair saw a need to improve that just slightly to 1066MHz or 1.066GHz. What is 66MHz going to do for you though? In all honesty, not much, but Corsair's theory is that if the memory runs at the same speed at the processor FSB, then surely performance will be optimal. Right?"


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