Corsair 512MB USB Flash, ATI AIW X600 Pro PCI-E, plus more!

Well it's almost Christmas, and by this time tomorrow I should be eating the food of the holidays :) Turkey, ham, potatoes, squash, and much more... I can't wait! Last I heard, we might get some snow tomorrow, so be safe and have yourself a Merry Christmas!

Samsung SCX 4100 Multifunction Printer @

"I've always been wary of multifunction printers as they provide a lot of options but none are all that great on it's own. Whether it be scanning or printing an image, it used to be better to just buy separate devices and hooking them up. With SCX4100 from Samsung, things may just have changed."

Corsair Flash Voyager 512MB USB Flash @ PCStats

"In this review, PCStats is testing Corsair's new rugged Flash Voyager 512MB USB 2.0 drive. With a retail price of $73 CDN ($59 US), the Flash Voyager is priced around the same as most other 512MB USB flash drives. It boasts read speeds of 19MB/s, and write transfer speeds of 13MB/s."

Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu Cooler Review @ Neoseeker

"We take a look at something that is quiet and big today at Neoseeker. No, we're not giving Santa a physical - we're taking a look at Zalman's CNPS7700-AlCu CPU cooler. With the fan exceeding the dimensions of a CD, the Zalman is not likely something that will fit in a stocking yet due to its tapered design, it should fit in most motherboards despite its size."

ATI AIW Radeon X600 Pro PCI Express 256Meg Videocard Review @

"The All in Wonder X600 pro in its' stock form would be deemed a safe buy if you were interested in full course buffet of multimedia features with a small side order of gaming. Although the card will easily handle older games with relative ease and acceptable framerates, I would not purchase this card if you were interested in playing the best games..."

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