Corsair 4GB PC3200XL Memory Giveaway and more!

Good afternoon folks, and man is it cold today! I'm sure snow isn't far behind now that it's November. As much as my body hates the cold, my computer is loving it :) I can't think of a more cost-effective cooling solution than just opening a window. As for the news right now, we have some interesting articles for you, including a contest from Corsair that you should certainly check out. Adios for now!

Corsair 4GB PC3200XL Memory Giveaway! @ CoolTechZone

"Corsair and CoolTechZone proudly partners together to bring you one of the largest appreciation contests in the industry. We, Corsair and CoolTechZone, would like to take a moment and thank our consumership and readership that has supported us throughout the. "It is truly an honor to start a contest for individuals for supporting our work," implied Gundeep Hora, Editor-in-Chief and CEO, CoolTechZone."

15 latest (freeware)firewall updates! @ TechConnect

"Selected 15 latest firewall programs and listed them down below. Protect yourself against hackers all over the world. Firewalls will control your traffic from and to your computer. All firewall listed below are freeware!"

Top 10 Tech Countries @ IDC

"The ISI is a unique study that combines 15 variables in four infrastructure "pillars" to calculate and rank each nation's ability to access and utilize information and information technology. In much the same way that gross domestic product (GDP) measures a country's economic wealth, the ISI measures its information capacity and wealth."

ATi R5xx Report @ Beyond3D

"The reports state that ATI have confirmed they are due to launch their new architecture, the basis of the R5xx series, in the first half of 2005. Goldman also believes the architecture to be based on Shader 3.0 and be very focused on the memory interface and bus. The expectation is that GDDR4 memory technology will ramp in production in late 2005 and the memory interface will be compatible with it and be designed to scale to speeds of 1.2GHz (2.4GHz effective) over its lifetime."

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