Corsair Readies Bodacious 24GB And 48GB Vengeance DDR5 5600 RGB RAM Modules

Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RGB memory modules angled on a white background.
Can you ever have too much system memory? Not if you're a Chrome user! Kidding (sort of) aside, bigger DDR5 memory modules are coming from Corsair. We know this because multiple retailers have put up listings for Corsair Vengeance DDR5 memory kits consisting of dual 24GB and 48GB modules, at speeds up to DDR5-5600 with and without RGB lighting.

If you take a look around, you'll find that the vast majority of DDR5 memory kits are comprised of 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB modules. Crucial (owned by Micron) did actually unveil 24GB (CT24G56C46U5 and CT24G56C46S5) and 48GB (CT48G56C46U5 and CT48G56C46S5) modules of its own for desktops (DIMMs) and laptops (SO-DIMMs), but we haven't seen these show up at retail yet. Additionally, these are naked kits that lack a heatspreader or RGB lighting—Micron retired its Ballistix branding a year ago to focus on mainstream RAM and gaming SSDs.

That's not the case with Corsair's 24GB and 48GB modules, which are available in DDR5 memory kits up to 96GB. While Corsair has yet to make a formal announcement, there are at least eight Vengeance-branded kits in the wild that are built around 24GB and 48GB DDR5 modules. Here are the options at PC Canada...

Corsair Vengeance DDR5-5600 listing on PC Canada showing a kit with 2x24GB modules.
Source: PC Canada

RGB Kits
  • 96GB (2x48GB) Vengeance RGB DDR5-5600, 40-40-40-77-2T (CMH96GX5M2B5600C40): $561.81 CDN
  • 96GB (2x48GB) Vengeance RGB DDR5-5200, 38-38-38-84-2T (CMH96GX5M2B5200C38): $545.81
  • 48GB (2x24GB) Vengeance RGB DDR5-5600, 40-40-40-77-2T (CMH48GX5M2B5600C40): $292.16 CDN
  • 48GB (2x24GB) Vengeance RGB DDR5-5200, 38-38-38-84-2T (CMH48GX5M2B5200C38): $275.93 CDN
Non-RGB Kits
  • 96GB (2x48GB) Vengeance DDR5-5600, 40-40-40-77-2T (CMK96GX5M2B5600C40): $545.81 CDN
  • 96GB (2x48GB) Vengeance DDR5-5200, 38-38-38-84-2T (CMK96GX5M2B5200C38): $529.75 CDN
  • 48GB (2x24GB) Vengeance DDR5-5600, 40-40-40-77-2T (CMK48GX5M2B5600C40): $275.93 CDN
  • 48GB (2x24GB) Vengeance DDR5-5200, 38-38-38-84-2T (CMK48GX5M2B5200C38): $259.70 CDN
Note that those prices are in Canadian currency. We don't know the actual MSRPs yet, and while it's pretty rare for pricing to neatly convert from one territory to the next, the top kit at $561.81 CDN is equivalent to $416.68 USD at today's exchange rate. Likewise, the least expensive kit at $259.70 CDN is equivalent to $193.08 USD.

48GB (2x24GB) Corsair Vengeance DDR5-5600 memory listing at
Source: via ITHome

Some of these kits have also been listed at, a retailer in China. They're a bit more expensive over there, with the 96GB (2x48GB) Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5-5600 kit listed at 3,999 Chinese Yuan, which is worth around $583.57 in US currency. What's shown above is a 48GB (2x24GB) Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5-5600 memory kit priced at 2,999 Chinese Yuan (~$437.64 USD).

The retailer also lists a couple of non-RGB kits, including a 96GB (2x48GB) Corsair Vengeance DDR5-5600 kit for 3,799 Chinese Yuan (~$554.38 USD) and a 48GB (2x24GB) Corsair Vengeance DDR5-5600 kit for 2,599 Chinese Yuan (~$379.27 USD).

Even if not official yet, it's nice to see Corsair expanding its DDR5 memory options. These new 24GB and 48GB modules could be especially helpful for small form factor builds with just two memory slots. Not that these are cheap kits by any stretch, but perhaps we'll see better pricing when they land on US soil. We'd also like to see faster speeds emerge in these capacity modules.
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