Cooler Master Hyper 48 Heatsink, Corsair DDR2 running 802MHz

I just got home and let me tell you... it's hard trying to teach someone, who thinks AOL is the Internet, to actively protect themselves against spyware ;) It's almost as fun as explaining that pop-ups that say "You have a virus, Click Here!!!!1!", might not be telling the truth! Enough of that, it's news time...

ATI X800 Pro Video Card Review @ CoolTechZone

"NVIDIA is back in the market with full force and ATI is slowly taking the back seat in few of its product lines, namely it's mid-end graphics card lines. We have evaluated NVIDIA's 6800 graphics cards previously and have been quite impressed with the overall performance. This time, however, we have changed tracks and will cover ATI's very own X800 Pro graphics card. ATI's X800 Pro graphics card is the low-end model of ATI's three offerings, X800 Pro, X800 XT, and X800 XT PE. Since the competition between the two companies is tough, both have released numerous products in the market to unnecessarily confuse end consumers."

Cooler Master Hyper 48 Heatsink @ PC Perspective

"Cooler Master wins high marks from this reviewer for finally bundling an excellent fan along with their well made heatsink. The low speed Delta fan does a great job of providing good performance with minimal noise. Some users may opt to replace the 92mm Delta fan with a higher flow model and run it off a fan speed controller for maximum cooling versatility."

Corsair DDR2 running 802MHz @ Legit Reviews

"This week we have been testing some of the Intel 925XE motherboards with the new 1066FSB processors and were able to hit 802MHz on the test bench! We were using Corsair PC2-4300 memory with 4-4-4-12 timings!"

ePower Tech Warrior Gaming Case @ Phoronix

"Having been exposed to several different gaming chassis' from reviewing them, and checking out others at large scale LAN parties, it was thought we had seen all of the different major styles and themes. Nevertheless, after the ePower Warrior entered our testing labs, we were awakened to the work done by ePower Technology, which was previously thought of as a power supply manufacturer."


"MSI has done a decent job in turning an RV410 GPU into a fully-fledged retail package. £160 or so buys you a competent midrange graphics card and a bundle to rival the best. Too often manufacturers overlook the bundle but MSI hasn't made that mistake. There's games aplenty and documentation is excellent. The choice you have to make is which PCIe GPU to go for. Both NVIDIA and ATI make compelling cases. If you decide that an X700 PRO best fits your needs and budget I can heartily recommend MSI's RX700PRO."

Home Networking DIY Guide @

"Home networking can be a daunting topic for computer users who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of network technology, even if Windows XP's new features make the process vastly easier than it used to be. To help home users out with this essential subject, Cisco Press recently released a new book entitled "Home Networking: A Visual Do-It-Yourself Guide," this 175-page softcover book falls into the lower-priced category of computer guidebooks, which certainly makes it an easy addition to your tech library."

Primera Signature Z1 CD/DVD Printer @ ExtremeMHz

"As a musician, music lover and video enthusiast, I have personally burned and designed my fair share of custom CD's and DVD's over the course of many years. I have always resorted to the most viable method...CD/DVD labels. However, this can not only be quite costly, but also a bit more of a hassle, and it why I continue to search for a more cost-effective and professional means of creating CD/DVD Labels. That is where the Primera Signature Z1 CD/DVD printer comes in."