Update: Samsung And CPSC Both Urge Galaxy Note 7 Owners To Stop Using Devices Immediately

Update 4:25PM - Samsung is also now urging customers not to use their Galaxy Note 7 devices, stating: "Because your safety is our utmost concern, we ask you to power down your Galaxy Note7 and exchange it now. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the U.S. Note7 Exchange Program detailed above." You can find Samsung's notice here and their statements in the FAQ.

To say that the launch of the Galaxy Note7 has been less-than-ideal for Samsung would be a gross understatement. Almost immediately following the device's shipment in market, it was discovered that some batteries in certain devices had a design flaw that could cause them to catch fire, or more accurately, explode.

News of a recall (or "exchange") coincidentally broke right after we posted our in-depth look at the device, and following that, we've seen the phone banned from certain airlines, and even risk a potential ban from the FAA. Now, the Consumer Product Safety Commission encourages Note7 owners to stop using it.

CPSC says don't use the Galaxy Note 7

In a new statement, the CPSC encourages Galaxy Note7 owners to power off the device, and likewise stop charging it. The agency says that Note7s have caught fire both while charging and during normal use, and while chances of explosion or other damage are still super-low, they're high enough to have real concern. It's just not worth the risk to continue using these devices - someone could get hurt, and property could be lost.

The CPSC says that it's working with Samsung to formally announce a recall of the Note7, while figuring out if a recall is all that's necessary. This follows criticism against Samsung for handling the phone exchange itself, rather than working with the the CPSC on it. As we can now see, Samsung apparently decided to remedy that. The CPSC also notes that if you have experienced an issue with a Galaxy Note7, or any other device for that matter, you can submit a report at SaferProducts.gov.