China Hosts Nearly 50% of Malware Sites

In what should probably be a surprise to none, China hosts nearly half of all the world's malware sites.  The U.S. places a distant second (but we are trying harder, right?).  What's more surprising is the daily number of newly detected malware sites.
According to a report released Monday by antivirus company Sophos, China--including Hong Kong--hosted 44.8 percent of the world's infected sites in August. The U.S. ranked a distant second, hosting 20.8 percent of sites that contain malicious code.

The number of infected Web pages has also grown. Sophos said it detected an average of 5,000 new infected pages each day in the month of August.
Once again, protection, protection, protection - and a bit of common sense.  Use at the very least a good antivirus program.  Don't click on questionable emails.  Don't go to "mysterious" sites.  And don't open programs attached to email if you weren't expecting to receive them.
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